Best Portuguese universities

Is your academic dream in the Europe’s western country? Do you think of achieving your academic targets in Portugal? If this is the case, then this is the right destination. With a mild Mediterranean climate, natural classy beaches and historic places, Portugal is among Europe’s top academic nations where you can discover your academic dream.

Studying in Portugal top universities is a privilege that each one should take seriously. Here are some of the top state of the art universities in Portugal

  1. University of Porto

This is a top public university that is situated in the city of Porto. Since its establishment in 1911, it has grown up to a capacity of hosting up to 30,000 students with more than 10% of them being international. It has also grown to be a top research institution after its expansion in development and research activities.

It has highly recognized research centers such as the Research Institute of Computer Systems and the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology.

  1. University of Lisbon

This is the largest Portuguese university and is ranked 330th in the world. It accommodates more than 47,000 students at any given time in its 18 faculties. It was formed after the merge of two universities; the University of Lisbon (UL) and Technical University of Lisbon.

  1. Universidade NOVA de Lisboan

It is located in Lisbon it is probably the 3rd highest university in Portugal in terms of rankings. It is 366th in the world with about 20,000 students from all parts of the world.

It is known for its specialization in technical fields like Engineering, Science, Mathematics and technology as well as social sciences like accounting, economics, management and finance.

It partners with the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa to offer the Lisbon MBA.

  1. University of Coimbra

This is probably the oldest Portuguese university dating up to 1290. Situated in Coimbra city, it hosts about 22,000 students in its 8 faculties. It covers subjects like humanities and arts, as well as the STEM subjects.

  1. Universidade de Aveiro

It was formed in 1973 and has yet grown to become one of the most innovative and dynamic universities across Europe. Its target is to offer postgraduate and undergraduate Education while promoting cooperation and generating research.

Its degree programs are diversified to cover all areas of knowledge to produce competent students in technical and scientific fields.

It has also majored in research and has acquired major certification from international panels.

  1. University of Minho

This university was formed in 1973 and has grown to become a top research institution. It has qualified non-subordinate staff and is known for its scientific research excellence. It offers a wide range of both postgraduate and undergraduate local and international students.

As evident in many international rankings such as the Leiden Ranking, it is a premier research and training institution.

These above named institutions are examples of top Portuguese university that offer the top quality education for people from all over the world. If you want to study in Portugal, then these are perfect destinations for you.